Internship for friendship: how was the monthlong professional practice at Reea Cluj office?


In July 2016, Reea Cluj office has expanded its team with five highly creative students: Alex Lorinţ, Alina Bora, Anca Lența, Monica Hojda and Robert Sfichi. Their presence was facilitated by their position of winners at the Publifest advertising festival, organized by The College of Political, Administrative and Communication Sciences of Babes-Bolyai University. Their prize was a one-month internship in Reea’s Cluj office.

In the four weeks spent together, we tried to challenge them more and more. We demanded their help, especially in the case of the image campaigns, more exactly in naming & branding, brand positioning strategies and idea-generation methods. Their response to the challenges surprised us in a pleasant way, and this helped them integrate into our team more easily.

At the end of the program, we had the idea of playing a spontaneous exercise, to describe in a few words their experience related to this internship. Their feedback was a truly emotional one, just like it was their professional progress at Reea. You can watch it below:


We would like to thank them for the appreciations. We are thinking of them with great kindness and expecting them to come back anytime with the same endless creative resources and good humor.


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