Get your stocks ready! This year you’ll sell much more on Black Friday!

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November 18 and 25 are key dates for Romanian e-commerce. Your customers look forward to seeing what spectacular discounts you offer them. You know you want to sell much more. Several online stores have already announced their participation in Black Friday promotions. Are you ready?

Choose to invest smart on Black Friday!

After eight years of experience in online marketing, we found the perfect formula to ensure the conversions you wish for Black Friday. We propose Black Friday campaign mechanisms which will bring you sales, not only traffic. Regardless of the platform you’re using, the structure of the campaign can fit the typology of your business.

The services we are about to offer you include:

  • web design and web development
  • e-mail marketing
  • SMS marketing
  • social media marketing
  • Google AdWords campaigns
  • video marketing

About the campaign

Here are three components of the campaign mechanism:

  • pre-event
  • during the event
  • post-event

The online marketing actions which we will apply throughout this campaign:

  • will attract new traffic to your online store
  • will separate potential customers from simple visitors
  • will increase the potential customer database, even after Black Friday

Choose to spend smart your marketing budget on Black Friday! Contact us for more details and find out how our Black Friday campaign can help you.

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Reea campaign results:

CB Store

  • 2,000 people showed their interest in Black Friday discounts
  • 14,000 unique visitors on Black Friday
  • 200 orders placed in the first 4 hours of the campaign
  • 500+ orders placed in 3 days

  • 1.500+ unique visitors (online shop launched two months before Black Friday)
  • 380 sellers
  • 15.000 RON Black Friday sales value



Phone number: +4 0365 410 942


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