Béatrice Tétaz, the first client in Reea’s history

Béatrice Tétaz

The history of a company can be hardly written. With years of hard work, success, failures, satisfactions, dissatisfactions, people who stay, people who leave. But the beginnings are forever etched in the memory of the brave ones who had a dream.

Béatrice Tétaz was the first person who trusted Reea. And Reea hasn’t disappointed her. The collaboration has lasted almost two decades. Among the first projects carried out together, there are http://www.commugny.ch/, http://gem-immo.ch/ and http://aviatco.ch/.

Numerous other collaborations were conducted by the agency she founded, which is located in Gland, Switzerland. beONE provides hardware, software, hosting, and marketing solutions.

Originally, Béatrice is from Basel region, but she moved to the French part of Switzerland in 1992. She had worked as an advertising and marketing specialist, but she has always been attracted to technology. Thus, she started the courses at the University of Geneva in 1994, where she took the first HTML and IT security class in Switzerland. Then, in 1998, she enters the field of new technologies, in which she scores numerous great achievements.

1. How did you get in contact with Reea?

I was searching for a partner for beONE, one that can support us with graphics, programming languages and general knowledge in IT.

2. Why did you choose Reea’s services?

Technically speaking, Reea was abreast of the latest news, open to collaboration and provided a wide range of possibilities for beONE. We developed together several websites for small, medium and large companies in various programming languages and CMS.

3. What is your opinion about our team?

It has been more than 18 years since I started working directly with Reea, partly my customers also. We rely on an open and results-oriented team. The technical skills are surprising and the team is always ready for challenges. And extremely important for us, the communication in English, French, and German.

4. It is 2016 and you are still our client. Why have you stayed with us?

Because Reea works like a Matrix. In other words, innovation, productivity, and human-orientation, both for clients and colleagues.

5. After all these years, how do you see the evolution of our company?

Reea had three employees when we started working together. Now it has over 250. I think the number speaks for itself. All this is possible thanks to its founder, Dan Mașca, an exceptional businessman with visionary thinking and social ethics.

6. Among the projects we worked on together, which one did you like the most?

Oh! We worked on so many projects together! www.coachfederation.ch was an exciting project developed on TYPO3 and databases. It was a pleasure! The same happened with www.odelet.ch, www.coachingswitzerland.ch, www.founex.ch. The list is endless.

7. You like people, communication, and new technologies. You worked in the field of consulting, as a mediator, trainer. How do you manage to combine communication with new technologies and when did you start?

I have an irrepressible lust towards technology and I am fascinated by the new communication technologies (the internet and the fact that it is global). At 30, I was a student at the flight school, on small planes, and I spent some time in the field of artistic flights. I have been a qualified hypnotherapist, coach, and mediator having my own office for 10 years now. The man and the universe, the epicenter of my life.

8. If you were supposed to describe Reea in three words, which one would they be?

IT-Technology / Creativity / Matrix

Béatrice Tétaz in Romania, september 2015

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