The advantages of using Magento


Increasingly used in our country, this platform is suitable for a better management of the commercial activity on the Internet. Magento is a professional e-commerce solution, which offers merchants flexibility and control over the buyer’s experience, the content and over the functionalities.

You can build any e-commerce site using Magento

The power of Magento consists in the fact that it can be used in building e-commerce sites. It was created especially for that purpose. It has a lot of functionalities already implemented. It offers SEO setting options, which in the case of correct configuration, they provide a solid foundation for search engine optimization. The platform offers marketing tools, promotions, and conversions. It already includes a mobile friendly theme with a responsive design. Magento also allows order management, which includes editing and invoice printing. Client management is as well allowed, and it includes product reviews and order editing, creating and viewing. It offers the possibility of having a multi-website and store, of sharing information on more than one site, and it has the multilanguage feature.

It offers a great flexibility and many functionalities

Compared to other related platforms, Magento includes a lot of functionalities. We can call them advantages: product, client, order and content management, flexible management of promotions and marketing strategies, integrated tools for theme management, internationalization support and a high level of security. Magento offers ”out of the box support” and it can be multi-site and multi-domain configured.

Among the advantages of using Magento in building an online store, there is also the programmers’ community. They develop modules for a better adjustment of each client, regardless of the geographical area or activity. The result consists in the great flexibility in integrating with different systems like those of payment, delivery, control monitoring or interface customization.

It offers you the possibility of owning a complex online store

Virtual stores built on Magento are quite complex. Many of the platform customizations can be obtained from the admin interface. However, many customizations need to be made by code writing. This platform requires good insight into the admin interface, for creating products, categories or promotions. For example, the price of a product could be set to the client group level, at the website level or at the product attributes level (like the size of a T-shirt).

In order to use Magento, you need more time to learn the platform’s features. The management of Magento admin takes time and the operations that last the longest are creating new products, updating the stock and processing orders. Fortunately, there are many free or paid modules that help a lot, because everything becomes automatically done. The degree of complexity may rise according to the merchants’ demands, and the operating time depends very much on how known they are or on the number of daily orders.

Other similar platforms

There are other similar platforms dedicated to site building. For e-commerce, there are PrestaShop and OpenCart. They can be used for building small and medium sites.

At the moment, considering that there are not so many projects developed on Magento in our country, the majority of our clients is situated overseas. The number of sites built on Magento increases globally. We expect that more e-commerce sites will be built on Magento in Romania too.

One last advice for those who want to create an online shop: the most important element is finding a niche which allows the development of the store. It is essential not having a strong competition, so a new merchant to be able to stand out with what they have best during the early months or the early years of existence.

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