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We launched www.fun4you.de, a new platform dedicated to the business environment in Germany. It deals with the organization of special events from parachute jumps or flights in jets to photo shoots or dinners at the candlelight. Fun4You ensures the direct link between companies that organize events and customers who are interested. The site also offers ideas for those who don’t know what gift to choose to be appreciated at its true value.

LAMP technology (Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP) was used to build the platform, based on PHP 5.4, on CentOS. Drupal 7 Commerce is the used framework, which offers the developer the majority of needed functionalities to build an online store.

Used modules

A few of the most important ones:

  • Custom Cupons – It allows the site administrator to set discounts, promotional codes for the coupons, the expiration date and the group of users who can use these coupons.
  • Custom Events – The administrator is allowed to create custom fields for the events, just like localization on the map, the town or towns where the events will take place, the number of the available tickets and their price varying to the user’s group.
  • Custom Checkout – It makes it possible for the users to perform the checkout in more steps, allowing the administrator to set the fields for each step.
  • User Statistics – administrators can follow the users’ actions, the time spent on visiting the site and the links used the most.

Fun4You aims to inspire people looking for fresh adventures and new friends. It offers them activities full of adrenaline, but also soothing and sensory experiences.

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