Since when is Santa orange?

Hope we saved some trees with this electronic greeting. 🙂 2016 was a challenging year for us, and we developed numerous projects. We ran a Kickstarter campaign for the first time and we’ve been funded. We started to work with VR storytelling, we developed a complex application for managing sports clubs, currently used by CS Juvenes. We implemented a platform called AMPER Alert, we broadcast live in HD and worked in the educational field by creating an auxiliary entitled “At school with Pic, Pac, Poc” and several animated children’s songs for the preparatory class.

We concluded valuable partnerships this year, we opened 642 new projects, and our developers worked 207,022 hours while consuming 240 kilograms of coffee. Over 750 interns gave us the chance to teach them. We’ve got many likes, and the dislikes have shown us what we need to improve in 2017. We wish you a lot of energy to continue your entrepreneurial work, and we sincerely thank you for your trust!

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