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The main problem when it comes to commerce is, generally, administration. If your business is already over a certain level, let’s say it has more than 10 employees, things get a little more complicated.

You have to manage stocks on one hand, sales on the other, and of course to regard clients’ needs. For this kind of entrepreneurs, we developed an Enterprise Resource Planning solution, for stock management and not only, called Hydra. is a group of three apps dedicated to the local market. Hydra Distribution, Hydra Restaurant, and Hydra Store offer the possibility of having a very simple business management process, with real-time results. The apps are specially created for touch screen devices and they do not require technical knowledge.

What are these three applications good at?

Hydra Distribution

It is a soft with an extremely complex base, which allows you to manage the distribution system and all necessary documents: notices, invoices, reports, schedules, payment balance, etc. It is a server-based solution, useful for the management of large stocks. If we talk about multiple management, multiple work points or even national wide sales coverage, Hydra Distribution is the solution for your company.

Besides the management of stocks, payments, and sales, it allows commands through POS mobile terminals or through mobile applications. It also allows the attachment of cash registers and barcode readers.

You can set discounts by sales divisions, by agents, by clients or by group of products so the sales campaigns can be automated. It also provides real-time statistics and reports, many of them predefined or customizable.

Hydra Restaurant

This soft provides you an easy management of orders and stocks. It is useful for restaurants, bars, cafés or any other business with catering services. It is conceived for Romanian businesses, so you can perfectly manage the stocks on one hand, and the terrace, the bar and the kitchen on the other. You can send commands simultaneously and find them in the management system.

With Hydra Restaurant, you can send commands easier, using POS devices with a touchscreen, which we commercialize with a pre-installed soft on demand. The system monitors the state of the dining rooms and it facilitates the work of the employees by displaying all the pending, served, and delivered orders for each table.

Hydra Store

It is a small software that you can use for a minimum sales operations management. It allows the attachment of a cash register for a fast issuance of the bills and collecting card or cash directly from the POS devices.

Hydra Store is free.



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