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Do you have an idea for a mobile app?

Let us show you the process of each project:



In the first phase, we make sure that your idea is achievable. More than that, we would like to be straight with you, telling you about all the resources that the project development would need. 



First we study and try to anticipate the process a user might have, once entered into the application. And then we offer the project the aesthetic component, through a customized design. 



The final design, accepted by the client, is followed by development process, regardless of the operating system for which it was designed: iOS or Android. It is the stage in which we implement the functionalities that generates unique, pleasant user experiences. Starting from the application architecture, the transitions to pages or how intuitive it is, when using it, we intend to offer the application the native character.



We just hate bugs that can occur in the process of using an application. This is why we pay close attention to the testing stage. We want to make sure that at launch, users will enjoy a perfect experience!



A functional and useful application must be accessible to the user. In this regard, we help you with the validation and launch of online stores for applications:  App Store or Google Play.



For the optimal functioning of your future mobile application, it is necessary , to constantly make sure that each component and functionality runs in the same parameters. Moreover, keep in mind the opinions of your users, always updating the application with useful features.

A mobile application should:

We build applications compatible with:


Ration ‘Your Media Diet’ is a consumer application focused on time well spent using human curation and interest-graph-driven AI. It delivers content daily, personalized to you interests, not infuenced by your social network.

Human curators act as the first filter, selecting a finite, high quality pool of content each day. Interest-graph-driven AI selects content from the curated pool that fits each user’s personal taste and makes additional recommendations that allow the user to expand their horizons.



MediaMarkt CH app is an big mobile shop, mainly for the Swiss market, with support for registered/non registered users. We have 4 big functionalities in the app:
1) Home: Here we have an dynamic menu at the top, where we have the big products categories. For each category we have some sections like: promotions, new, sale, pre-order. 
2) Wish list: The users have the functionality to add/remove an product to wish list, maybe to see later the interested products.
3) Search screen: Here, the users are able to navigate in products categories to search or apply filters, like price, A-Z, new etc
4) Cart: The users are able to add/remove products, and complete the payment process. The users are able to pay with card, or reserve the product in shop.



Cinemap is a web/mobile app that allows users to keep track of the movies that are in cinemas, and save a list of movies they would like to see.

The mobile app is available on both Android and iOS.



Order from local producers:

Choose what you need: food, jewelry, cosmetics, or maybe even ceramic wall and floor tiles, why not? The options are limitless. Then choose the suppliers easily, using the filters you have at your disposal. Add everything to the cart and then consult the list of your future purchases. Delivery follows. All you have to do is wait for the ordered products. We deliver them from the community, up close, to your home.



A solution that can be integrated with a marketplace or online shop, having as utility the management of the delivery process.



THE MORNING MAN® Alarm Clock App is the best way to wake up and start your day. Listen to sweet, sexy, and romantic voices of different men from around the globe waking you up every morning! Why have a loud chirp or a bell as an alarm when you could wake up with a real Morning Man®?

Would you prefer a sweet Scotsman to wake you? A sexy Frenchman offering you a coffee? An Italian whispering sweet nothings while you hit the snooze button over and over? A romantic Brit to be the first voice you hear in the morning?

The app includes Australian, Brazilian, British, Italian, Scottish and Spanish voices.



Castrol professional app is used for product presentation purpose only. The app takes the user to a tour between different car oil products using a custom navigation between sections.

• Cocos 2D - used to create different interactions that helps user to understand how the oil technology works
• Movie player controller
• openGL that generates world 3D globe



GroupClique is a social networking platform that enables organizations or community members to create a private and secured online environment that targets career development, networking opportunities, social support, and more. It’s available on Android and iOS.



Yuggler, a Parents’ Choice Approved Award winner.
Discover kids activities in seconds - anytime, anywhere - with the largest, award winning mobile resource of things to do for kids.
Approved by Parent’s Choice, parents, grandparents, and caregivers recognize Yuggler as the go-to community for new activity ideas for an active, fun family life.



The KDIGO Guidelines for Kidney Disease app delivers clinical practice guidelines in nephrology to clinicians, healthcare professionals, patients, and care givers across the globe - for free.

KDIGO is the international non-profit foundation developing and implementing evidence-based clinical practice guidelines in kidney disease. The goal of this app and the mission of KDIGO is to help clinicians and patients make treatment choices directly at the point of care that will improve outcomes worldwide.



EPOKET is a mobile app that allows users to transfer money, make payments as well as enable the payments to be deposited into local bank accounts.

It is available on both Android and iOS.


Manual de prim ajutor

Critical situations are unpredictable. They can appear in your own kitchen, on a mountain trip or at an event. In the application, you can find first aid solutions explained in an accessible language, accompanied by illustrations and videos.

Also, the Emergency Number 112 can be called from any section.

Your chances of survival increase if you have a man nearby who knows what he’s doing. Such a package of information can even save lives!


PratteIn Parking

In Pratteln you get another easy way to pay the parking fee. You store the control plate number and credit card details once. The parking process begins by entering the location number (number on the signal board), parking time and the CVV code on the back of the credit card.

30 minutes of free time per day and location are included. The maximum parking time must not be exceeded.


KSM Campus

Check out the French Blood Establishment app to access all your information and create your own space!

In one click:
- Locate the nearest blood collection, calculate your route;
- Make an appointment for a blood donation;
- Create your donor space: view your donation history, choose your collection locations;
  change your contact information and learn how many lives you have saved;
- Assess your ability to donate and if you return from a trip, make sure you don’t travel for nothing;
- You can also find out about the news and much more!


PSY Info

The first app dedicated to PSYCHOLOGY for both the general public and specialists. It includes basic information about almost all psychological disorders, offers the possibility to contact psychologists, to schedule yourself, to read minimal information about them and about the place where they practice, to ask questions and to receive an answer to your questions. Here you will receive directly specialized articles, media information: video-audio, specialized websites and courses to attend.

As a psychologist you will be able to contribute articles or descriptions of what you do, media training courses or courses you offer. 


Insight TV

Insight TV is the world’s leading 4K UHD channel, featuring action sports, lifestyle and entertainment shows. We produce our own content, and as content creators, we are all about taking our viewers on an adventure. You can see all Insight TV’s premium shows first episodes and the best of Insight TV’s shorts for FREE, or you can subscribe for a year or a month to access ALL of Insight TV’s premium productions, documentaries, movies, full series and more

You can also download select TV shows and movies on the Insight TV app to watch all your favourites offline. Receive push notifications for new episodes and releases.


Don De Sang

The EFS is the sole operator of blood transfusion in France. It collects blood products to meet the needs of more than a million patients each year.

In one click:
- Locate the nearest blood collection, calculate your route;
- Make an appointment for a blood donation;,
- Create your donor space: view your donation history, choose your collection locations, 
  change your contact information and learn how many lives you have saved;
- Assess your ability to donate and if you return from a trip, make sure you don’t travel for nothing;
- You can also find out about the news and much more!



eBiblia offers 30+ bibles, Commentaries, studies, sketches, encyclopedic articles, devotionals, and biblical dictionaries. You can make personal notes and bookmarks and also you can customize the interface.


UBS Events

Everything you need at your fingertips. The UBS event application is your gateway to all information about specific UBS events. Find detailed information about speakers and your event hosts. Download event documents and add your personal notes, or participate in live voting during event sessions.

Furthermore you are able to connect with your peers and hosts. The app shows you the concierge service with local recommendations.

The application is provided free of charge by UBS, but please note that using this application requires a valid login.



A paradise for outdoor activities enthusiasts looking for fun or to get ready to compete. From Surfing to kite surfing to diving to stand up paddling to yoga and many more activities, BeRide online portal and native mobile applications allow you to book your next activity and experience in a few clicks.

Search what you want, check the reviews, book activities from one or several service providers, get your email confirmation, show up and have fun!


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