„A month of practice at REEA equates the knowledge gained in two years at the university” – Rareș Pașca, practitioner, current colleague

We are glad when we can collect the benefits of our practice program. Young practitioners who are devoted and know how to follow their goals stay with us. We give them the chance to continue their professional career in our company.

Rareș Pașca is one of them. Student at „Petru Maior” University, Faculty of Science and Letters, computer profile, he is passionate about technology since he was a child. This summer he followed our practice program under the coordination of our colleague Flavius Pogăcian. After one month of studying, his guide recommended him for hiring. During this month of practice, Rareș proved that he can and he really wants to progress and to learn as much as he can in the IT domain.

„I didn’t establish any expectation about REEA before I came here. After few weeks, I knew that I’m part of a very good company. When I came here for the first time, I asked myself what am I doing here, what should I do here. Everything was so different from what I’ve learned in my first two years at the university. There were indeed some common concepts, but it took a time to combine the theoretical and practical aspects”, Rareș said.

The student joined to the PHP team, and he will continue college at the same time with his new job. He knows that the job he chose is a demanding one, but he took it as a challenge from an early age. At 13 years old, he disassembled a computer in pieces, then reassembled it from scratch. Surprisingly, it worked!

„Is an area where you have to work hard to reach a high level. That’s why I often ask myself if I should work during the university, or if I should finish my studies and after that, I’ll hire myself. I chose to do both at the same time because I’m aware that experience always makes the difference. A month of practice at REEA equates the knowledge gained in two years at the university. Seriousness, last generation endowments, the desire to invest in young people. That’s REEA for me.”, says Rareș.

If you want to join our practice program, you can get more information by sending an email at practica@reea.ro.

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