Get your campaigns ready with the e-commerce calendar

What is a calendar useful for?

  • it helps you not forget your best friend’s birthday;
  • it brings you back to earth and reminds you of what day it is (in case you forgot because you’re working too much);
  • (a useful calendar) reminds you of the important things for you and your clients.

Any activity planned in time brings better results. This is the reason why we prepared an e-commerce calendar for you with the most important moments of 2017. We believe that this calendar will help you plan your online or offline activity. Your clients will be surprised because you’re always up to date and you will always have your campaigns planned at the right time with relevant and topical content.

We didn’t include all the events but you are free to complete it with all the important dates in your industry. For example, if you administrate an online sports shop, make sure that you bring communication in line with the events in the sports world.

calendar apr 2017

We printed it and fixed it on our notice board. We recommend you do the same with yours. 🙂

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