from concept and storyboard to final product, employing software such as Toon Boom Harmony and Adobe Flash
3d modeling
employing 3d Studio Max and cinema 4d
Illustration, concept art
(character and environment)
proficient use of Adobe Photoshop
Video editing
& post production
employing Adobe After FX, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut and Sony Vegas
Info graphics
& typography
employing Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere
& SFX production
employing FI Studio and Sony Vegas; fully equipped audio production studio with a ProTools audio work station
Currently ReeAnimation is a 13 strong team, aged between 22 and 36; two members with over 7 years of 2d animation and post-production experience, and one with a 5 year experience in After Effects and video editing. Given the size of the team, artists take on diverse tasks, from concept art to storyboarding, background art and animation. As far as sound is concerned, there's a fully equiped professional studio on the premises, the idea being that everything creative, from script to sound, be done as easy as possible.
Music videos & Series
Explainers & Infographics
Conceptart & illustration
Video editing & Post production
Musical & SFX production