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thena-logo-nobetaKnowthena – Find the adventure that suits you best!

Knowthena is a peer-to-peer platform that offers everyone the possibility of organising their trip and earning money at the same time. If you’re not tempted to become a tour guide and just want to have fun, you can book a trip to your liking. We launch the challenge!

Knowthena is the idea of two foreign partners (Bulgaria and the USA) and REEA the interactive agency credited the initiative and invested in it. Six of our specialists fully implemented the highly complex project on LAMP (Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP), using the Laravel framework.

Users from over 200 countries can discover and enjoy unique experiences, tours, various activities, workshops, all recommended by other members of the Knowthena community. The online platform works simply: it allows users to organize a trip, to announce it on the website while they can earn an income by performing an activity they like, which can be shared with the other members eager to experiment.

You need to log in to use the platform. There are three available accounts: one for the guide, one for the user and one for the visitor.

People who want to book a trip should know that they can choose the most tempting adventure on the base of advanced search filters, which include even information regarding the required dress code. Next, there are given complete instructions about what is about to happen, pictures, videos and obviously the departure date and the price for one person.

The platform is based on the principles of collaborative consumption and it aims to bring a unique touch on how people plan their trips and on how they travel.

There are few websites like this in Romania, so Knowthena invites you to an incredible journey, which brings you the most authentic way to know and discover different parts of the world. Even the online platform name says it all: Knowthena – Know the new adventure!

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