18 best practices in email marketing

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If you are an email marketing specialist you may already know that for the moment this communication method is the most compelling to stay in contact with your target audience.

Probably it happens to stumble when it comes to writing HTML. Here are some tips which describe the best practices:

1. Use only HTML 4 – Transitional Doctype and CSS2;

2. Use only Web Safe Fonts – http://www.w3schools.com/cssref/css_websafe_fonts.asp;

3. Use spreadsheets to create the basic structure;

4. Use inline styles and state every attribute separately;

5. Set attribute “other” to every image;

6. The email must fit into a table with a width of 100%;

7. Make sure the standard width of the content is maximum 600px, because many users don’t open the email but look at it only in the preview panel (panel which has at most 600px);

8. Add style to links in order to overwrite specific styles of the email account;

9. As much as possible, do not use background images to texts;

10. Declare every image with “display: block;”

11. It is recommended to code the special characters;

12. Don’t use JavaScript;

13. Do not forget the link to unsubscribe;

14. Offer alternatives to display. On a web page a good practice is to add to preheader a link to the email;

15. Use the “spacer.gif” in empty cells. For example, if you set the cell width to 10px style, Internet Explorer will ignore it and will set it to 0px;

16. The links that contain margins of the image must be set to 0. One can even remove the underline;

17. After testing, the reduction of the code (http://zurb.com/ink/inliner.php) and image compressing (https://compressor.io/compress) is recommended;

18. Test each email account and browser, and then retest;

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